[Strategy] Objectives II: The End Game, The Starting Line

The point of this concept of the 10,000 Year Beast is to forget about the current vehicles humans use to accomplish things and start with a blank slate — an unadulterated Mission with a new set of “genetic instructions.”

These other vehicles–the other “animals” such as educational institutions and corporations–serve a specific purpose, but working through these vehicles also creates prisons that can limit our thinking to incremental changes if we’re trying to accomplish a new purpose. And I don’t think incremental change is what we need (I also don’t know how to do that). What we need is a revolution of culture that allows people to engage in “history-making fun” — enjoyable experiences that help direct our future and allow us to take our place in a brilliant history.

So here we are, with a blank slate, a new animal. Time to start building it. And I’ll continue with my Objective setting method using both the top-down and bottom-up approaches to see where it takes me.

Top-Down: The End Game

This requires me to start with a vision of the endgame. When will I, and therefore “the Beast”, have succeeded?

This makes me think of a question that I’m surprised no one has asked me, “Why 10,000 Years?” This is highly speculative, but the reason I chose 10,000 is that within this time period I have a feeling of certainty that one of 2 things will have happened:

1) we will have destroyed ourselves.

,2) we will have achieved a true and useful collective consciousness. This concept of a “collective consciousness” pervades many bodies of thought including science, religion, and literature. We can discuss this in further detail later, but how it manifests itself technologically is less important. What I’m most interested in is the implications of a much higher level of psychological integration between humans, a level of integration when understanding of thoughts and feelings between every human goes to zero.

The implication that matters is that we would have the ability to have a heightened sensitivity to the system and each other. People want to have connections to each other and to be understood and to have a feeling of internal order (enjoyment). However our quality of experience is so low that we unite ourselves together around acts and causes that are directly or directly destructive and injurious to each other to gain a transient taste of stability.

I once considered that perhaps development of this collective consciousness in itself should be the Mission directly–and I can even see the vehicles to  getting there fairly clearly. However, I realized that the technology for achieving this is not the difficult step. Technology is advancing quickly and will continue to do so. What is lacking is a clear understanding of how to use it for more complex purposes that will take us to the next level of quality of experience.  This is why I use the phrase “true and useful collective consciousness.” By “true” I mean a level of integration that is on the order of telepathy where cost of understanding goes to zero. By “useful” I mean that not only do we have the capability, but we also have the understanding how to use it. Perhaps we could simple call this “true and useful collective consciousness” the full realization of “collective intelligence.”

To sum this up, I think the difference between “collective consciousness” and the higher form of “collective intelligence” is not a technological difference. It’s a cultural difference–an understanding of what factors and what actions will contribute to our quality of experience. So what’s really in our way? Not technology. It’s something more akin to a cultural revolution

What’s the bigger more concrete implication of this “collective intelligence” when it comes to our individual lives? It is the delivery of the ultimate form of freedom. A world with no rules other than those we’ve chosen for ourselves. It’s a place with clear goals and higher purpose that is full of challenge and uniqueness and the enjoyment that comes from this. Nation-states will be an animal of the past. What will they be for? They’ll be replaced by a hierarchy of organically created communities. With no rules, the availability of very real and engaging challenges, and a far superior implicit understanding of human quality of experience, there’s a form of living that is much more emergent and unconstrained as opposed to a structure of life that is driven by senseless laws, numbing social norms, and the rule of force. [1]

This vision would be coated with eutopic grime if I expected all humans to become “spiritually enlightened” beings. We don’t have the attention to do that–it makes sense for humans to have their attention in different places. The most important question for how we shape our consciousness better is, as I’ve mentioned, “how do we shape our environment so that the right intentions emerge from it?” Posed another way, how do we change the landscape so we can roll ourselves downhill to the right spot?

There’s a long way to go to bring this to fruition. And I don’t know the timescale, but I can see novel mechanisms for achieving this arising–so long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot beforehand. I’ve got 33 years (hopefully) to play my role in setting it in motion.

This vision is simply a logical extension of the Axioms that I’m developing. And if that’s the case, I’m having a hard time seeing why I would work backwards, it seems less likely to latch on to any useful course of action. Let’s return to the bottom.

Bottom-up: Ground Zero

So if this is the ultimate mission, what do we need this new system to do? I see only 3 things:

  1. Develop and spread a culture of “history-making fun.” This entails helping people have, at least implicitly, an understanding that we can have enjoyment in the moment, and at the same time contribute to a harmonious future. And most importantly, that this scenario actually offers the most intense enjoyment by uniting us together, leaving a legacy, being a part of history, and by developing our own uniqueness   Chalk it up as this, this system needs to make it very clear that “making history really is the most fucking fun there is.”
  2. Supply the necessary tools to engage with the right challenges. This includes recognition of the challenge and associated goals, provision of positive feedback, and the tools that enable the challenge to be executed (if they can’t be found elsewhere.)
  3. Help people make meaningful connections with the right people. This could almost be a sub-bullet of  aiding people to engage in the right challenges, but it’s important enough to list it separately. What are the right connections? The connections that pull the individuals in the direction they want to go.

These would be the 3 core competencies of this new animal and everything else would flow from it — including a heightened sense of uniqueness, solidarity, and purpose.

This animal will follow an evolutionary process moving from simple life form to highly complex  animal.   So right now the question is: what is the simplest form that can begin the process of delivering on these 3 core competencies?  Thinking past that probably doesn’t make sense. Once we get there, we’ll take what we’ve learned and develop the next objective. We’ll collect ideas on the way as well.

So now it’s time to imagine the simplest form of what will become the 10,000 Year Beast….and make sure we’ve got the right “primordial soup” to make it.


[1] There’s further definition to come for this ultimate endpoint. But I’ll get it down in time.



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