Act 0, Part 0: The Strategy

For a long time, I’ve thought of my life as a story–my history, my personal legend that I was writing.  Now that I have a direction and vision for that story, my first step is to carve out a strategy for writing it.

There will be 5 key elements of this strategy:

  • Mission – the mission that sets my direction
  • Objectives – the checkpoints along the way
  • Actions – specific things I will do
  • Resources – materials I have to work with
  • Axioms – the values and principles that create the framework within which I will operate

In the coming posts, I will develop this strategy by stepping through each of these.

It’s important to be able to take a step back and analyze the most brutal facts of one’s reality. For me, some of these facts are the likelihood of failure, the fact that I am not special and that I have no right to greatness, the fact that I am one small human on a rock hurtling through space. I can observe these and acknowledge them fully. This perspective is important, and I’ll use this in my strategizing. But at times, it also needs to be wholly disregarded…..

Now, this is Act 0.  And you’ll start to see me on the field where reality can be bent and broken by ideas, will, and energy. Here, I am a giant, I am cocky, confident–I am thunder wrapped in skin. And I will write my legend.

As I write, I’ll oscillate between these perspectives of brutal realism and borderline over-confidence depending on what mindset I need to be in.

Up next: The Axioms — the foundation of it all and the answers to “why?”

One more small step.